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As of December 31, 2021 SureFire Dogs Training Center has closed it's doors.

We want to thank all our clients and our fabulous staff for 10 years of wonderful training with you all.

Christie and Louise are retiring and though we are sad to be leaving you all we are excited for the next phase of our lives.

We wish you all the best with your training and future.

Warm regards

SureFire Dogs Training Center


Read what the Westborough Daily Voice says about SureFire:

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Read what our students think of SureFire Dogs Training Center:


I have been training with Louise and Christie for over 7 years in agility and obedience.  They are always attentive to the individual needs of their students regardless of handler experience or breed of dog; they use positive and creative teaching and problem-solving methods.  Their training facilities and equipment are clean, well-maintained and safe.  Most importantly, their classes are FUN.
- Beth A.
  Pharmaceutical R&D

Sara (my daughter) and Maggie (our dog) have been training with Louise Hinckley for the past two years.  I’ve seen my daughter become more confident in her abilities, which is evident in the way she handles Maggie on various agility courses.  I truly believe this comes from the wonderful relationship Louise has with all her students (dogs included!).  Sara and Maggie have recently started competing in agility.  Now that they’ve had real competition experience, Sara is eagerly awaiting the opening of Louise’s new facility so they can get back to their training.

-Margo K.


I began training my dogs with Christie and Louise about 11 years ago (wow), when I wanted to start agility with my Australian Shepherd.  Since then I have done agility and obedience with 4 different dogs (2 Aussies, a Beagle, and a Bernese Mountain Dog).  Currently I am working on agility with my Bernese Mountain Dog.  ALL the training is positive; they are incredibly patient (easy enough to do with dogs but not always with the owners J).There are training facilities closer to my house, but I have stuck with them because they are great trainers and wonderful people – I wouldn’t go anywhere else. 
- Sue S.

Training with Louise and Christie has allowed me to accomplish more with my dogs than I ever thought was possible.  I learn a valuable piece of information at every class I attend, and I always feel comfortable in the relaxed training environment!
- Lindsey S.

My husband and I started taking classes with Louise and Christie 5 years ago, with the goal of having well behaved companions and a stronger bond with our dogs. Then I enrolled in one of Louise's puppy agility classes with my pup and intermediate agility with my older dog. What started as a casual interest in the sport has blossomed into a yard full of agility equipment, attending 3 agility classes per week, and private lessons with my 4 dogs.  All of my dogs also got a great start in obedience and rally-o at their training center, and have competed in those venues as well. Christie and Louise have been very successful in helping their clients achieve the goals they have set for their special companions. Those goals range from having a well behaved companion that does not knock people over, to achieving the highest level agility and obedience titles. They have a passion for their profession and dedication to all students that makes me want to keep coming back for more training and recommend them to everyone I know. 

- Patty E.

I am a housewife and mother of five children. I also have two dogs!  If you can believe it, they seem to be more trouble than the five children combined. It is for that reason I began to train with Louise last year.  I took two levels of obedience and was very pleased with the results and how that transferred into better behavior from the dogs in my home. I also found that I had a lot of fun and am excited to start my youngest dog, Blondie, in Agility classes as soon as possible. 
- Susan P.
  Housewife and Mom

After beginning agility at another facility with my dog Wally, I was looking to progress and find a place closer to home.  I feel so lucky to have found Louise and for all the help she has given me with my dogs!  Wally and I came to her with basic skills, and we have progressed to a very avid team in competition!  When I got my second dog, Howie, he almost immediately started puppy class and is also progressing quite nicely under Louise's direction. She makes herself very available to her students both in and out of class which is very helpful. If I come across a problem or have a question in between classes, I just email Louise and always get a quick and helpful response.  I am excited to learn more and progress with both of my dogs with help from our favorite instructor! 
- Karen C.
  Horseback riding instructor/Trainer

After starting training at another facility, I found Louise and Christie and what a difference it has made.  They are knowledgeable, professional and completely helpful.  In this day and age, where we have choices where to spend our money and recommendations count, I recommend these ladies.  Over and over and over I might add.   I personally found a "training home."
Allison R.
  CPA/Certified Groomer

Having rescued a border collie, I knew I needed something to occupy her and teach her to listen to me.  I found Louise wonderful in teaching us novices the basics of agility. Both me and Kylie, we learned a lot, bonded with each other, but most importantly, had fun and laughed at every class.
- Alison M.
  Market researcher in Bolton

My husband and I have taken agility dog training classes with Louise and Christie since 2007.  Louise and Christie helped us train our dogs "from the ground up" - giving them foundation skills, teaching them to be safe on the equipment, and giving us competition skills.  My husband's 4 year old dog is now the #3 Standard Schnauzer in the US in agility competition, was a finalist at the AKC Invitational in 2009 and 2010, and qualified for the AKC Nationals in 2011.  My 2 year old dog quickly moved up to Excellent AKC level because of our training with Louise and Christie.  Many people in our agility club have taken classes with Louise and Christie, and keep going back for more!
- Teri O.
  Manufacturing Information Specialist





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