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Our SureFire Dogs ~ Winee & Kindle 



As of December 31, 2021 SureFire Dogs Training Center has closed it's doors.

We want to thank all our clients and our fabulous staff for 10 years of wonderful training with you all.

Christie and Louise are retiring and though we are sad to be leaving you all we are excited for the next phase of our lives.

We wish you all the best with your training and future.

Warm regards

SureFire Dogs Training Center


Winee map reading in 2012 has passed along her skills to Delia in 2020!

Weekly Maps will be posted on Monday of each week, select your map below by class. 

5:50 pm  Map 5-1 (PDF)  
7 pm  Map 5 (PDF)  
8 pm  Map 5 (PDF)

11:15am  Map 2-1 (PDF)  
12:30pm  Map 4 (PDF)  
2:30pm, 6pm  Map 3 (PDF)  
7 pm  Map 4 (PDF)  
8 pm  Map 3 (PDF)  

10:00 am  Map 3 (PDF)  
11:15 am  Map 3 (PDF)  
5:50 pm  Map 2 (PDF)  
7 pm  Map 3 (PDF)  
8 pm  Map 3 (PDF)  

9:30 am   Map 5 (PDF)
11 am   Map 5-1 (PDF)
6 pm   Map 4 (PDF)  
7 pm   Map 3 (PDF)  
8 pm   Map 3 (PDF)  



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