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aliciaAlicia has actively trained dogs since 2001. She has trained an Akita mix, Australian Shepherd, Pit Bull mix, and Pembroke Welsh Corgi through various levels of obedience and agility. She began assisting obedience and agility classes at Four Paws Academy, Inc. in 2005. By 2007, Alicia began instructing Level 1 and Level 2 obedience classes and soon after, the Beginner and Advanced Beginner agility classes. She now instructs classes in level 1 and 2 obedience, all levels of agility and gives private lessons in both.

Alicia is currently competing in agility with her 6-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi “Angie” (NATCH ADCH Wethree’s Messenger of the Sun CGC OA NAJ NF HP-N O-EAC O-ECC O-EJC O-TN-E O-TG-E WV-E SAM GCH JM SCH RCH TM), in NADAC, USDAA and AKC agility. Her 11-year-old Australian Shepherd, “Finn” (Propwash Finnegan’s Flame) OAC O-TN-E WV-O TG-O NCC OJC SPS APJ APK APG), retired in 2014 competing in NADAC and USDAA.  And her new Australian Shepherd "Decker" (Vinelake's All Hands on Deck) is beginning his training in agility and having a lot of fun.

Alicia's first agility competition dog an Akita mix, Meadow CL-2 PD2 PJ2 PK2 ECC EAC O-EJC (10/31/00-12/16/14) retired in 2010 competing in the Elite level of NADAC and Performance III level of USDAA.


2016 Accomplishments

Call Name New Title / Tournament Name Date Org.
Angie NATCH 12/31/16 NADAC
Angie Relay Champion 11/11/16 USDAA
Angie Outstanding Elite Regular 10/23/16 NADAC
Angie Outstanding Elite Chances 9/24/16 NADAC
Angie Outstanding Elite Tunnelers 5/1/16 NADAC
Angie Snooker Champion 2/12/16 USDAA
Angie Outstanding Elite Jumpers 1/1/16 NADAC
Angie Outstanding Elite Touch N Go 1/1/16 NADAC


2015 Accomplishments

Call Name New Title / Tournament Name Date Org.
Angie Gamblers Champion 11/8/15 USDAA
Angie Agility Dog Champion 11/6/15 USDAA
Angie Jumpers Master 11/6/15 USDAA
Angie Open Agility 10/11/15 AKC
Angie Novice Fast 10/10/15 AKC
Angie Relay Master 4/12/15 USDAA
Angie Novice Jumpers with Weaves 3/14/15 AKC
Angie Novice Agility 3/14/15 AKC
Angie Gambler Master 2/15/15 USDAA
Angie Standard Master 2/15/15 USDAA
Angie Tournament Master 2/14/15 USDAA
Angie DAM Team - 2015 Local Qualifier 2/14/15 USDAA
Angie Steeplechase - 2015 Local Qualifier 2/14/15 USDAA


2014 Accomplishments

Call Name New Title / Tournament Name Date Org.
Angie Elite Versatility Award 10/12/14 NADAC
Angie Elite Weavers 10/12/14 NADAC
Angie Elite Tunnelers 10/11/14 NADAC
Angie Snooker Master 8/31/14 USDAA
Angie Elite Chances 6/21/14 NADAC
Angie Master Agility Dog 5/10/14 USDAA
Angie DAM Team - 2014 Local Qualifier 4/13/14 USDAA
Angie Steeplechase -  2014 Local Qualifier 4/12/14 USDAA
Angie Steeplechase - 2014 Local Qualifier 3/9/14 USDAA
Finn Advanced Performance Snooker 3/9/14 USDAA
Angie Grand Prix - 2014 Local Qualifier 3/8/14 USDAA
Angie Advanced Agility Dog 2/15/14 USDAA
Angie Advanced Standard 2/15/14 USDAA
Angie Elite Touch N Go 1/1/14 NADAC


2013 Accomplishments

Call Name New Title / Tournament Name Date Org.
Angie Elite Jumpers 7/28/13 NADAC
Angie Elite Regular 7/28/13 NADAC
Angie Open Versatility Award 7/27/13 NADAC
Angie Open Weavers 7/27/13 NADAC
Finn Performance II Gamblers 3/10/13 USDAA
Angie Advanced Jumpers 3/10/13 USDAA
Angie Agility Dog 2/17/13 USDAA
Angie Starters Standard 2/17/13 USDAA
Angie Starters Gamblers 2/17/13 USDAA
Angie Starters Jumpers 2/13/13 USDAA


2012 Accomplishments

Call Name New Title / Tournament Name Date Org.
Angie Open Chances 12/31/12 NADAC
Angie Open Touch N Go 12/31/12 NADAC
Angie Open Tunnelers 10/13/12 NADAC
Angie Open Regular 9/22/12 NADAC
Angie Open Jumpers 7/29/12 NADAC
Angie Novice Versatility Award 6/24/12 NADAC
Angie Novice Touch N Go 6/24/12 NADAC
Angie Novice Regular Agility 6/23/12 NADAC
Angie Novice Weavers 6/23/12 NADAC
Angie Novice Chances 6/23/12 NADAC
Angie Novice Tunnelers 4/28/12 NADAC
Angie Novice Jumpers 4/28/12 NADAC
Finn Outstanding Elite Tunnlers 3/3/12 NADAC
Finn Open Touch and Go 1/1/2012 NADAC


2011 Accomplishments

Call Name New Title / Tournament Name Date Org.
Finn Open Jumpers 10/22/2011 NADAC
Finn Starter Performance Gamblers 9/4/2011 USDAA
Angie Canine Good Citizen 3/11/2011 AKC


2010 Accomplishments

Call Name New Title / Tournament Name Date Org.
Finn Novice Chances 2/27/2010 NADAC
Finn Open Regular 2/27/2010 NADAC
Finn Novice Touch N Go 2/27/2010 NADAC
Finn Outstanding Open Tunnelers 4/25/2010 NADAC
Finn Open Weavers 4/25/10 NADAC
Finn Novice Jumpers 6/5/2010 NADAC
Finn PII Jumpers 7/6/2010 USDAA
Finn Elite Tunelers 9/12/2010 NADAC
Meadow Outstanding Elite Jumpers 9/12/2010 NADAC



    • Amanda Shyne Handling Seminar 2015
    • Dog-Dog Group Dynamics with Sue Sternberg 2014
    • Masters Agility Handling with Amanda Shyne 2013
    • Elevate Your Training with Bob Bailey and Parvene Farhoody 2010
    • John Rogerson's Puppy Development Seminar, 2008
    • Clicker Shaping with Louise Hinckley 2006
    • Rear Cross Seminar with Christie McNamara 2005

Online Seminars:

    • Amanda Shyne's online Phenomenal Stopped Contacts
    • Amanda Shyne's online Obstacle Commitment 2016
    • Amanda Shyne's Wicked Weaves 2015
    • Agility University: Stuck Starts! For Start Line Success with Diane Goodspeed 2015