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Ameera started at Surefire as a student when she moved back to Massachusetts in 2014 and began training as an Assistant instructor in 2015.

Ameera reluctantly welcomed her first dog, Sansa (Sansa BN OAP AJP NFP CA CGCA CGCU TKA SN-C CD-C DDCN DDN EI II NW1 TN-N), into her home in 2011 and only started to truly bond with her when, a year later, she discovered they shared a mutual love for the sport of dog agility. They have shared a strong bond both in and out of the ring ever since. She says "Sansa is more than my companion, she is my Novice A Dog - the one who started it all. She is my teammate, my partner, my best friend."


When Ameera thought that Sansa's agility career could be over before it truly began, she began looking into other activities could do together and discovered competion obedience and k9 nose work.

Ameera and Sansa are currently competing in the Novice level in AKC Obedience and training for their debut in Open in CDSP obedience. They have just begun competing in AKC scent work and are working towards their intermediate titles in USCSS and have earned their NW1 title in NACSW. Sansa has really taken to nose work and enjoys competing in different venues and overcoming the different challenges they present. Sansa is also back in the Agility ring competeing in NADAC. In addition, Sansa has earned all 3 levels of the Canine Good Citizen program, 3 levels of AKC Trick Dogs, and enjoys therapy work whenever they find time. Sansa is definitely a Jack of All Trades kind of dog.


Ameera is also training and competing in nose work with her 2 year old Boxer, Flash Gordon (Falmark's Savior of the Universe CA TKN CN EN) who is showing great aptitude for the sport. Flash and Ameera also train in dog agility, competition obedience, and participate in coursing ability tests whenever they come up.

Flash is a big dog with a big personality which has peaked Ameera's interest in Behavior and consent-based training, which she also uses to train her cat Monstah. Ameera also has experience training parrots of all sizes and backgrounds.

When not training, competing, or attending workshops, Ameera can be found in the kitchen developing new recipes, or taking to the mountains with Sansa and Flash for exercise and meditation.


  • Intro to AKC Buried Hides with Holly Roche January 2019
  • All about criteria with Diane Patterson December 2018
  • Shade Whitesel Toy Play and Marker Cues November 2018
  • Amy Cook The Play Way October 2018
  • Julie Daniels/Denise Fenzi/Julie Symons/Deb Jones and more TEAM levels 1&2 foundations workshop sept 2018
  • Sue Sternberg The Dog-Human Environment: Sociability & Aggression June 2018
  • Sarah Stremming Worked Up! April 2018
  • Amanda Shyne Crosses Seminar February 2018
  • Heather Whitt-Sullivan Common Techniques and Finding Lines January 2018
  • Sue Sternberg: From the Outside In: A Behavioral View of Your Nose Work Dog October 2017
  • Amanda Shyne Jumping Skills October 2017
  • Minna Martimo Puppy Foundations Seminar April 2017
  • Amanda Shyne Puppy Foundations Seminar February 2017
  • Amanda Shyne Handling Seminar October 2016
  • Ken Ramirez Advanced Training Topics July 2016