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Ann Marie is a certified dog trainer through the Karen Pryor Academy and a Certified Behavior Consultant through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. Ann Marie started working with dogs professionally in 2005, and began training them professionally in 2011. Though she’s held various positions in the animal husbandry field, from dog walker and kennel assistant to veterinary technician, Ann Marie found her passion in dog training and strives to educate the public on understanding and communicating with the dogs we share our lives with. She started as a student at SureFire Dogs in 2018 and joined the team as an assistant instructor in 2019.


Ann Marie currently has two Windsprites: 4 year-old Wally (JrCH Wylde Little Blues Whistler, CL-2 ) and 1 year-old Mirage (JrCH Blue Mist Curiosity Piqued and Peaked). Mirage is currently training to compete in USDAA agility, and competes in conformation, straight racing, and rally obedience. Wally primarily enjoys life at home as a professional couch potato, though he does compete in an occasional CPE agility trial and loves to go lure coursing. Ann Marie also has a cat, Milo, who has been clicker trained to go to mat, sit, high five, and nose touch.



When she’s not training her dogs (or cat), Ann Marie enjoys spending time with her husband and son.