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Jenn was bitten by the dog training bug after she adopted her first dog Logan from a shelter in CT in 1998. In 1999 she started training Logan in agility as well as basic obedience. She adopted her second dog, a lab mix named Keegan in May of 2000. Keegan introduced her to the world of canine behavior. Keegan and Logan competed in USDAA, NADAC, and AKC agility for several years. In 2006, Jenn added another Dalmatian to her pack. Steeler currently trains in nosework and obedience, and has done tracking and agility as well. Some of Steeler's obedience accomplishments include his RN, BN, RL-1, RL-2, RL-3, RLV, ARCH, CD-CCH and his CDX-C. Steeler has also had the opportunity to work with NACSW founders Amy Herot, CNWI and Jill-Marie O’Brien, CNWI and is competing in NACSW events.  Steeler has earned his NW-1, NW-2 and NW-3 titles.  In fact, he is the first Dalmatian to pass the NW-3 test in the US.   In 2013, Jenn took on the task of training a service dog for the MS Service Dog program.  While Indie didn’t pass the service dog requirements, she has gone on to train in agility, obedience and nosework!  Some of her obedience accomplishments include her RL-1, RL-2, RL-3, ARCH, ARCH-X, CD-CCH, and CDX-C.  In NACSW nosework she has earned her NW-1 and NW-2 titles.  Look for her to be competing in agility soon as well!





  • Amy Herot, CNWI – The Elite Experience (2016)
  • Investigating Problem Hides with Michele Ellerston, CNWI (2016)
  • Trial Strategy for the NW3 level with Michele Ellerston, CNWI (2015)
  • Teah Anders – The Mental Side of Training and Competition (2015)
  • Coaching clinic (NW1/NW2 and NW/Elite) with Jacy Kelly, CNWI (2015)
  • Container, Vehicle, Interiors and Leash Handling Clinics with Michele Ellerston. (2013 – 2016)
  • Various Off-Site Clinics with Gail McCarthy (2013-2015)
  • Nosework Seminar with Scott Williams (2009)

 General Dog Training and Behavior

  • Taking your Skills to the Next Level with Ken Ramirez (2016)
  • Ian Dunbar-Cutting Edge Concepts (2013)
  • Jane Savoie Conquering Ring Nerves (2012)
  • Kathy Sdao Improve your I-cue. Learn the science of signals (2011)
  • Suzanne Clothier workshop (2009)
  • Control Unleashed with Leslie McDevitt (2007)
  • Patricia McConnell For Love of the Dog 2006 – NJ (2004, 2006)
  • Brenda Aloff – Defensive Dog Camp 2005
  • Clicker Expo Philiadelphia
  • Clicker Expo Newport RI
  • Clicker Expo Providence RI
  • Behavior Modification - CAT – Kelly Snider and Jesus Ruiz


  • Agility workshop with Christie (2013)
  • Julie Daniels-Speed 'em Up seminar, (2010)
  • Tracy Sklenar Getting Focused and avoiding distractions (2010)
  • USDAA Games with Catie Williams (2009)
  • Puppy Camp Susan Garrent April (2006)
  • Rachel Sanders – Running Contacts (2006)
  • Elica Calhoun: Spring Seminar Novice & Advanced Riverside 2001, 2002, and Handling Workshop at Dog Sports in Westmoreland, NH 6/6/03


  • Denise Fenzi -Drives & Motivation for All Sports, Handler's Choice for Competition Obedience (2012)
  • Beginner Utility Workshop with Esther Zimmerman (2008)


  • Suzanne White Tracking Seminar (2012)
  • Dorie Viguers Line Handling and Mapping Workshop (2012)