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Nikki is our newest addition joining us in June of 2019 as our Evening Receptionist.

Nikki is an avid dog lover and is especially fond of the American Pitbull Terrier breed.  She had 2 cats growing up, Midnight and Pebbles.  Her first dog was a purebred Pitbull and she now has 2 rescue Pitbull mixes, 9 year old Scotty and 5 year old Effie, named after her grandmother.  Scotty came from Friends of Animals in Attleboro, MA and had a lot of anxiety and reactive issues that took a lot of time and patience to get him where he is today, a grumpy old man!  Effie came from Pittielove Rescue via Boston Animal Control and is a total goofball.  They both have half-moon faces and when sitting next to each other they make the perfect bookends!


Nikki co-owns and manages Wicked Pets of MA with one of her closest friends, Olivia.  Wicked Pets of MA is a dog walking and pet sitting company that services Marlboro, Northboro, Boylston and the surrounding Worcester area.  When she’s not working, Nikki enjoys gardening in her yard, doing arts and crafts, listening to 80’s music and spending time with her husband Ray and stepson Gavin.  Most of all she loves being able to sleep in and spend more time with Scotty and Effie!