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Pam joined us in November 2018 as our Evening Receptionist and when the daytime office postion became available she stepped up to the challenge. Pam has been taking agility lessons at SureFire since 2017.

Pam has owned cats all her life, and rescued her first dog, Mickey (2002-2017), an oversized Papillon, in 2003 from Papillon Club of America Rescue. A year later, another PCAR alum, Guinness, (Stoutheart CGC 2003-2015) joined her, Mickey and the cats, Freddy and Timica.

In 2005, Pam became the New England Regional Coordinator of PCAR, a position she held for 2 years, successfully placing 6 foster dogs of her own. In 2007, her last foster dog, CT-ATCH Koby (Devil Dog Its All Mine AJP, AXP, NF, RA) became her biggest challenge and a permanent addition to the pack. People and dog reactive and fear aggressive, Pam researched and learned how to manage a reactive dog. In an effort to contain his energy, they started agility lessons in 2008. Over the next 9 years, Team Koby achieved a CPE agility championship and multiple AKC agility and Rally titles. Koby passed away December 30, 2017 at the young age of 12 of a rare form of Hemangiosarcoma.


In 2015, Pam bought her first purebred Papillon and puppy, Merry (Renaissance Riversedge Maine Magic CL2, BN, HRAT, TKI RA NA NJ). Together they are competing in Agility, Rally, Nosework, Barn Hunt and Happy Ratters. Merry is also an AKC Trick and Achiever Dog.

In June of 2018, Merry’s niece, BC (Renaissance Artistic Meryt RN RAT) came to live with them and at 11 months is already showing great promise as an agility dog and ratter. Rally and Nosework are also in her future.

Pam retired from state service in December 2017 and is enjoying the opportunity to work with dogs and cats, trialing, quilting and spending time with her family.  Oh, and sleeping in!!