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Sandra has been taking formal training classes with her pets for many years.  She has been attending agility classes at SureFire since 2015 with her dog Amelia.  During an agility hiatus of nearly a year and a half while Amelia was recovering from two different knee surgeries, Sandra trained Amelia to do fun tasks like “lace” and picking up and stacking objects.  She started assisting at SureFire in April of 2018 in the Companion Dog classes.

Sandra is a veterinary technician and graduated from Mt. Ida College with a BS in veterinary technology.  Currently, she is specialized in anesthesia and has been working towards a behavior specialty certification.  She finds working with dogs with challenging behaviors most rewarding.

Sandra shares her house with her wife, three dogs, and two cats.  When she can, Sandra enjoys long walks on the beach with her dogs.


Speaking engagements

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University North Grafton, MA 2010 - present

MVTA Annual Continuing Education Conference Worcester, MA 2011

CVC Kansas City, MO 2010

Mt. Ida College Veterinary Technician Symposium Newton, MA 2009

Tufts Goes West Springfield, MA 2009


Robbins, S. (2010). Premedication and Sedation Drugs. In S. Bryant (Ed.). Anesthesia for Veterinary Technicians (pp. 135-142). Ames, Iowa: Wiley-Blackwell Publishers.


    Education & Certifications

Low Stress Handling University Silver Level Certification 2018


VTS (anesthesia & analgesia) 2008

BS Veterinary Technology 2004

CVT 2003

    Professional Associations

Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians (SVBT)

Academy of Veterinary Technicians in Anesthesia and Analgesia (AVTAA)

Massachusetts Veterinary Technician Association (MVTA)

    Continuing Education

MVTA Conference                                                   Sturbridge, MA                10/14/18

Clinical Animal Behavior Conference                       Las Vegas, NV               10/5 – 10/7/18

Sociability vs. Aggression Threshold in Dogs          Natick, MA                     6/9 – 6/10/18

Spring Technician Symposium                                 North Grafton, MA         6/3/18

19th Annual Technician Symposium                         North Grafton, MA         1/28/18

Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference                     Atlantic City, NJ              10/10 – 10/12/17

18th Annual Technician Symposium                         North Grafton, MA         1/29/17

Update on Behavior Medicine                                  Natick, MA                      11/19/16

Tufts Behavior Conference                                       North Grafton, MA         4/3/16

Technician Symposium 2016                                    North Grafton, MA         1/31/16