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Puppy I

 A 6 week session geared for puppies only.  Introduce clicker training and the basic behaviors, sit, down, puppy recall, stay, and leash walking.  We will work on all stages of puppy development.  Motivational play and clicker games are used throughout the session. Prerequisite: 8 - 14 weeks of age.


Level I

A 6 week session, introduces clicker training, leadership skills, a SureFire recall, sit, down, stay, greeting and leash walking skills. We will work on safety exercises for home and family, as well as appropriate games to play with your dog.  Prerequisite: 8 weeks of age.

Level II

A 6 week session builds on fundamentals learned in Level I, further enhancing your leadership skills and your dog’s greeting skills. You will learn distance hand signals for all the basic commands and work through distractions for recall.  We will also work on a close heel position with an automatic sit on halting for control in congested situations.  You will learn how to physically examine your own dog for a healthy life. Prerequisite: Level I

Tricks Class- Novice

This fun 4 week session teaches you how to break down tricks and teach them to your dog with ease. You'll dazzle your family and friends with your dog's intelligence while you build a strong bond with your dog and strengthen your leadership skills. You’ll teach your dog 10 different tricks needed to earn the AKC Novice Trick Dog Title in the first 3 weeks of class. On week 4 you'll test for the AKC Trick title! Prerequisite: Companion Dog Level II or equivalent training

Tricks Class- Intermediate/Advanced

This 6 week session builds on the Novice Tricks class or previously taught commands and tricks.  Teach your dog new and more complicated tricks, build on tricks already known and earn the AKC Intermediate and/or Advanced Trick Dog title. The first 5 weeks of class is teaching your dog the tricks needed for the title you are looking to obtain.  Week 6 will be for testing.  1 Trick test fee is included in the cost, additional fees apply for multiple tests. Prerequisite: Companion Dog Level II, CGC, or equivalent skills


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