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Christie McNamara

Teamwork in Competition

with Christie McNamara

Saturday ~ January 26th  8:30am ~ 12:30 pm 

 Learn to maximize your teamwork in competion.  We will cover:  

  • Course analysis, preparation, and knowing your course
  • Navigational plans – utilize your walk thru to the fullest.
  • Handling skills that work for you and your dog
  • Shaving seconds off your time
  • Staying focused before and during your run
  • Motivational skills for you and your teammate

  Limited to 8 working teams, 4 audit spots available.

Please submit a video of a recent non-qualifying run with your dog and a copy of the course. Teams must be competing at the advanced/open or masters/excellent level. Novice teams will be considered if handler has competed with a prior dog at an upper level (instructor approval required). 

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Christie McNamara

Since being introduced to agility in 1996,Christie has taken an active part in the entire agility arena,as a competitor, instructor, trial chair, and software developer. Already instructing and competing in obedience for many years, she jumped into the competitive agility worlds of AKC, USDAA, and NADAC. Agility handling techniques have rapidly evolved over the years and Christie has been able to successfully utilize these skills with her own dogs and teach them to her students.

In November 2003, Christie became the first AKC agility judge in Massachusetts. This added a new level of handler and dog – cause and effect, observational skills to her instruction. She believes in positive motivational training methods and a solid foundation of individual obstacle performance forboth dog and handler. Christie strives to coach her students to the peak of their potential by working with each individual teams’ strengths. She believes the communication and bond between handler and dog is fundamental and crucial.

Christie’s success with her dogs is a product of all her training beliefs and dedication. Her 9 year old Miniature Poodle “Pi” is working on MACH 5, ADCH-Gold and Silver Lifetime Achievement. Christie’s 5year old Golden Retriever “Winee” is working on MACH3, and ADCH Bronze. Both dogs have qualified each year for AKC & USDAA Nationals. They attended the 2010 AKC Nationals each qualifying in 2 of 3 rounds. Although her dogs have achieved many accolades in the sport of agility,what Christie enjoys most is the celebration of running an agility course with her dogs.