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March 3, 2018

10am to 3pm

Limited to 180 Runs


$8 per run

Pre-registration ONLY

Nested Standard courses

Novice ~ Open/Advanced ~ Masters

  • Limited to 3 runs per dog.
  • Toys and food welcome.
  • Round 1 jump height will start with large dogs (26/24) to small, round 2 small to large, round 3, large to small.
  • Walk thru begins at 9:30am and first dog on the line at 10am. 
  • Additional walk thru for each Round.

March 3rd run thru Pre-registration form Download March Form Here (PDF)  (running order posted by March 1st)


March Running Order: Click Here (PDF)  ~ will be posted by MARCH 1st.

Doors open at 9:30AM and the courses are available for walking. First round walk thrus end at 10 AM at which time the first dog will be on the line.  Round 1 will have a separate walk thru for 16"- 4" at approximately 11am to allow those jump heights to arrive a little later.

Pre-Registered entries ONLY ~ NO DAY OF RUNS ARE AVAILABLE

Inside crating available, please bring a mat for under your crate. NO X-Pens.