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K9 Nose Work® Classes

April 19, 2013 at 7PM

with Maria Corrigan ANWI

Our dogs have an amazing sense of smell and are born with a natural desire to hunt.

These attributes have turned into one of the hottest new dog sports and SureFire Dogs Training Center is offering Introduction to Nose Work®.

This 6 week session introduces the concept of the nose work game, focusing on your dogs' natural scenting abilities and desire to hunt.  Handlers learn to observe and "read" their dogs. High value rewards (toys/treats) are used to increase your dogs hunting drive and intensity.  You can look forward to:

  • Building your dog's confidence
  • Supplying plenty of mental stimulation
  • Giving your dog plenty of physical activity
  • Building a tighter bond to your dog

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Check back for updates on future K9 Nose Work® Classes

If you want more information check on out the official website of National Association of Canine Scent Work.